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    There’s nothing more frustrating than transporting your pooch about, only to find a trail of dried mud in the back of your car or spread over the floor of your squeaky clean staycation location, right? Don’t stress! We’ve got the perfect solution to help you keep things both clean and comfortable when on the move with your pooch. Introducing - our Dog Travel Blankets!

    Whether you're off for a picnic in the park, a pint in the pub garden or even just looking for a blanket to throw in the car to protect - our new travel blanket mats are here to help! Simply fold them up into a bag and velcro them closed to travel about at ease with your pooch. One side is made of waterproof Oxford fabric and the other a luxury, cosy fleece material. So, you can rest assured that your pooch will be kept comfortable at all times when on the move. All of our Travel Blankets can be washed on a gently cycle too - perfect for when muddy paws make an inevitable appearance! 

    Our Dog Travel Blankets come in three of our best selling prints; Khaki Leopard, Monochrome Spots and Cupid Hearts. Not only do these prints match with the rest of your Cocopup faves but also with product from our sister brand, Coconut Lane. We’re talking Phone Cases, Tote Bags, Apple Watch Straps - it’s time to get twinning with your pup! We even offer our Dog Travel Blankets as part of our Supaw Dog Gift Bundle, which include a matching Lead, Collar and Bone Toy too. So, whether you’re looking to simply treat your pup to a matching set or gift to dog loving best friend, we’ve got an offer to fit the bill. 

    What are you waiting for? Get prepped for your next staycation with our Dog Travel Blankets. Oh, and don’t forget to treat yourself to some matching Coconut Lane items along with way. Twinning is winning!