When Is the Right Time to Get a Dog?

Deciding to bring a dog into your life is a monumental decision, one that requires careful consideration and planning. Dogs are loyal companions who bring immense joy, but they also demand time, energy, and resources. So, how do you know when it's the right time to get a dog? This guide will help you assess your readiness and ensure you make the best decision for you and your future furry bestie.

Assessing Your Lifestyle

1. Time Commitment

Dogs require significant time for feeding, walking, grooming, training, and playing. Puppies need even more attention for socialisation and housebreaking. Consider your daily schedule. Do you have at least 1-2 hours a day to dedicate to your dog? If your job requires long hours or frequent travel, you may need to rethink or make arrangements like hiring a dog walker.

2. Financial Readiness

Owning a dog comes with various expenses, including food, grooming, vet bills, and pet insurance. According to Battersea, the average annual cost of owning a dog can be around £2000 per year. Ensure you have the financial stability to cover these costs without strain.

3. Living Situation

Your home environment should be dog-friendly. Consider the size of your living space and whether it can comfortably accommodate a dog. Additionally, check if your lease or rental agreement allows pets. If you live in a small apartment, you might need to opt for a smaller breed or ensure you have nearby parks for exercise.

Are you emotionally prepared?

1. Long-Term Commitment

Dogs live for 10-15 years on average. Are you ready to make a long-term commitment? Consider potential life changes such as moving, starting a family, or changes in job status, and how these might affect your ability to care for a dog.

2. Emotional Stability

Dogs can sense and react to their owner's emotional state. Ensure you are in a stable and positive place in your life. If you are dealing with major stressors or emotional upheaval, it might be wise to wait until things settle.

Family Considerations

1. Allergies and Phobias

Ensure no one in your household has severe allergies to dogs. If someone has a fear of dogs, it’s crucial to address this before bringing a dog home to ensure a safe and happy environment for everyone.

2. Children and Other Pets

Consider how a dog will fit in with your existing family members. If you have young children, ensure they understand how to interact with a dog respectfully. If you have other pets, consider their temperament and how they might react to a new dog.

Preparing for the Arrival

1. Research

Different dog breeds have varying needs, temperaments, and activity levels. Research breeds to find one that matches your lifestyle. Consider adopting, where you can find dogs of all ages and breeds.

2. Training and Socialisation

Training is essential for a well-behaved dog. Consider if you have the time and patience for training or if you are willing to invest in a professional trainer. Socialisation is equally important to ensure your dog is well-adjusted and comfortable in different environments.

3. Vet and Supplies

Find a reputable vet and ensure your dog will have regular check-ups and vaccinations. Stock up on essential supplies such as a bed, crate, toys, food, and grooming tools.

Making the Decision

Bringing a dog into your life is a rewarding experience that requires careful thought and preparation. By evaluating your lifestyle, emotional readiness, financial stability, and family dynamics, you can determine the right time to welcome a dog into your home. Remember, the goal is to provide a loving and stable environment where both you and your dog can thrive.


Getting a dog is a major life decision that brings joy, companionship, and a fair share of responsibilities. By thoroughly assessing your readiness and preparing adequately, you can ensure a happy and healthy life for both you and your new canine companion. When you’re ready, your dog will become an irreplaceable part of your life, offering unconditional love and loyalty.

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