Walk your Dog Month

Let’s kick off the New Year in the right way!

January is dog walking month, and we’re setting you a challenge to help you hit your New Years' Resolutions.

We’re challenging you to complete one walk a day throughout January. Along your walkies, we have a few weekly goals for you to hit so make sure you follow us on Instagram to take part! At the end of the month, we will be giving away 5 prizes so you don’t want to miss this.

Why is walking your dog so important?

Our pups look forward to their walkies for that quality time with their hooman. But bonding time isn't the only benefit of walking your dog. 



Walking your dog provides them with the exercise they need to stay healthy. Walking your dog regularly will help to regulate their weight and keep their joints nice and healthy. Walking your dog outside of your house also provides them with the added benefit of mental stimulation when they are sniffing new smells. Each new smell helps them learn more so make sure you give them time to sniff. And as for us hoomans, even a brisk 10 minute walk is proven to have lots of health benefits so what better way to get into your healthy lifestyle than with your best furry friend? Why not kit you and your pup out in matching Dog Walkies outfits? Clickhere to shop.



While on your walkies you and your pup are likely to meet other dogs. If your dog doesn’t get the chance to socialise at home with other dogs, this is a great way to help them learn how to behave around other furry friends. As well as this, allowing them to socialise with other hoomans will help them better understand how to behave in certain situations. You never know, you may meet a dog walking buddy too! 



When you are on a walk it’s such a great opportunity to reaffirm your training techniques. For example, as you pass other dogs and strangers why not practice their recall, “heel, “sit”, and “stay”. With all the distractions in a new environment, it's a great way to test them and help them set your voice (or noise-grab one of our Dog Whistleshere if you haven’t already) apart from the background. 


So, what are you waiting for? Head to ourInstagram to take part in Cocopup’s January Walkies Challenge.

Girl Walking Dog