Disney has been entertaining us with animated movies for decades, and some of the most beloved characters in their films have been dogs. From classic movies like Lady and the Tramp to more recent releases like Bolt, Disney has given us some of the most memorable canine characters in film history. If you're looking for inspiration for your furry friend's name, here are some of the most popular Disney dog names.

Lady - Lady and the Tramp Lady is the protagonist of Disney's classic animated film, Lady and the Tramp. She's a beautiful and refined Cocker Spaniel who falls in love with Tramp, a streetwise mutt. Lady is a perfect name for a well-behaved and elegant pup.lady and the tramp disney cocopup dog harness

Tramp - Lady and the Tramp Tramp is the charming mutt who captures Lady's heart in Lady and the Tramp. He's streetwise, tough, and irresistible. This name is perfect for a scrappy, adventurous dog who always gets into mischief.

Copper - The Fox and the Hound Copper is one of the main characters in The Fox and the Hound. He's a loyal and dedicated hound dog who becomes friends with Tod, a fox. Copper is a great name for a loyal and dedicated dog.

Pongo - 101 Dalmatians Pongo is the dashing Dalmatian who leads the charge in Disney's 101 Dalmatians. He's brave, loyal, and always looking out for his family. Pongo is an excellent name for a strong and protective dog.
Perdita - 101 Dalmatians Perdita is Pongo's mate in 101 Dalmatians. She's gentle, nurturing, and fiercely protective of her puppies. Perdita is an ideal name for a nurturing and maternal dog.

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Dodger - Oliver & Company Dodger is the charismatic and streetwise leader of a gang of dogs in Oliver & Company. He's outgoing, confident, and always up for an adventure. Dodger is an excellent name for a confident and adventurous dog.

Bolt - Bolt Bolt is the star of Disney's animated film Bolt. He's a lovable and loyal dog who thinks he has superpowers. Bolt is a great name for a brave and adventurous dog who loves to explore.

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Nana - Peter Pan Nana is the lovable St. Bernard who serves as a nursemaid for the Darling children in Disney's Peter Pan. She's nurturing, protective, and always looking out for her charges. Nana is an excellent name for a nurturing and protective dog.

Pluto- Pluto is Mickey mouses loyal dog, he's been around since the 1930's. He is know for his playful and curious personality. Pluto is the perfect name for a fun loving pup!

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In conclusion, Disney has given us some of the most iconic canine characters in film history, and their names are perfect for your furry friend. Whether you're looking for a name for a loyal and protective dog like Pongo and Perdita or a streetwise adventurer like Tramp and Dodger, there's sure to be a Disney dog name that suits your pup's personality.