Simple Dog Training Tips

Training your dog is key to keeping them safe and under control. Whether you're new to dog ownership or an experienced dog owner we have some top tips and tricks to help train your dog!

A calm distraction-free space

When you start training your dog, ensure you are in a calm space where your dog can be free of distractions to help concentration! Also, make sure you are being calm, clear and consistent with your words to avoid any confusion.  

Keep plenty of treats to hand 

If you choose a method of training that rewards your pup with treats and toys after they complete each trick/ command. Then make sure you have your treats easily accessible and stocked up to avoid disappointment. Here at Cocopup we have some pawfect ways to keep your treats close by with Small Treat Pouches and Large Treat Pouches depending on how many treats you think you'll need. You can find matching treat pouches to match all the other accessories. 

Dog Treat PouchDog Treat Pouch


Recalling your dog is so important to keep them safe. Weather that's keeping them safe from busy roads to safe from nervous dogs. To help with recall training, using a whistle can effectively communicate with your dog across distances like fields and parks. It's most effective when used alongside a reward, blow the whistle, the dog comes, give a treat. Get your paws on our Lanyard and Training Whistle to match your pup and your Cocopup Dog Walking Bag with our stylish Lanyard and Training Whistle.

Dog training whistle and lanyard

Be patient

The most important thing when training your dog is to be patient and kind.  Remember whilst it may seem obvious to you when using simple commands like sit and stay, your dog is learning them for the first time so there is no need to get angry if they aren't responding how you imagined. It is also important that when they do get something right to overly praise them so they know next time they will get that same reaction when completing a command.

Our Harnesses

Cocopup currently has over 40 adorable Dog Harnesses in adjustable and reversible designs. With so many designs there's a Cocopup Dog Harness to suit every dog's personality and a harness to style any time of the year. We have a range of Dog Harness sizes to fit XS dogs (Neck = 29-36cm/ Chest = 35-48cm)to L dogs (Large: Neck = 42-55cm/ Chest = 57-80cm), and every dog in between. You can also match the Cocopup Dog Harness to their  Lead, Collar, Dog Walking Bag and lots of other accessories to have the ultimate stylish dog walking experience.  

Dog Walking Adjustable harness