Paws and Promises: Creative Ways to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a celebration of love and unity, and for many couples, that love extends to their four-legged family members – their beloved pups! Incorporating your dog into your wedding can add an extra layer of joy and personalisation to your special day. From ring bearer duties to photo ops, there are plenty of creative ways to include your pooches in your wedding. In this blog, we'll explore some heartwarming, memorable and totally instagrammable ways to make your dog a part of your big day.

  1. Dog of Honour

One of the most popular ways to include your dog in your wedding is by giving them the esteemed role of "Dog of Honour." Dressing them in a specially designed doggie tuxedo or a floral collar, your pup can walk down the aisle alongside the bridal party, carrying a sign that reads, "Here Comes the Bride" or "Just Married." This charming entrance is sure to melt hearts and leave a lasting impression.

  1. Ring Bearer

For an unforgettable twist on the traditional ring bearer role, let your dog carry the wedding rings down the aisle. Attach a small pouch or a decorative box to their collar, securely holding the rings. Have a trusted friend or family member walk them down the aisle, or consider using a leash that matches your wedding theme!

  1. Engagement Photoshoot

Before the big day, plan an engagement photoshoot that includes your dog. Capture the love and excitement of your engagement with your furry companion by your side. Whether it's a park setting or a beach at sunset, these photos will become cherished memories of your pre-wedding journey together.

  1. Save the Date and Invitations

Incorporate your dog into your wedding stationery. Include them in your save-the-date cards or invitations by adding a picture of you and your furry friend. This personal touch will set the tone for your wedding and let your guests know that your dog is an integral part of your lives.

  1. Doggie Attire

For a picture-perfect moment, dress your dog in wedding attire. Whether it's a miniature wedding dress or a dapper doggie suit, their attire can match your wedding theme or colors. Don't forget a floral collar, bowtie, or even a small veil to complete the look. (check out for all your gorgeous doggie accessories!)

  1. Canine Escort Down the Aisle

If your dog is well-behaved and comfortable in crowds, have them escort you down the aisle. This sweet gesture can be particularly touching, especially if your dog is the one who's been with you through thick and thin. Make sure to have a trusted friend or family member nearby to assist if needed.

  1. Dog-Specific Photo Sessions

Set aside time during your wedding day for a dedicated photo session with your dog. Capture candid moments of you, your spouse, and your furry friend together. These photos will serve as timeless keepsakes that celebrate the bond you share.

  1. Doggy Treat Bar

Create a doggy treat bar at your wedding reception. Provide an array of dog-friendly treats, and encourage your guests to pamper your pup. This can also serve as a fun and interactive element, as guests can help themselves to snacks for their own furry friends.

  1. Cake Topper and Decorations

Include your dog in your wedding cake topper or as part of the decor. Many couples opt for custom cake toppers that feature the bride, groom, and their dog. Additionally, use dog-themed decorations throughout your wedding venue to add a personal touch.


Incorporating your dog into your wedding day can add a unique and heartwarming dimension to your celebration of love. Whether they play a significant role like being the ring bearer or simply make cameo appearances in photos, your dog's presence will make your wedding day all the more special. Remember to plan ahead, consider your dog's temperament, and ensure they are comfortable and safe throughout the festivities. With these creative ideas, you can make your furry friend an integral part of your big day and create lasting memories for you, your spouse, and your beloved dog.

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