Yup! You read that right–our best selling Cocopup Dog Walking Bag is a Tiktok viral sensation. 

Pupper’s we’ve made it! Not even 2 years in, Cocopup has grown faster than we could’ve ever imagined. We’ve introduced lots of new pawesome products to our wonderful community in so many adorable designs and the support from you all has been incredible.  

Amongst our many releases–new Harness designs, Adjustable AND Reversible Harnesses, Rope Leads, Dog Toys, Dog Biscuits and even a Shirt–the latest product to join the Cocopup family is our Dog Walking Bag. It has quickly become our best seller for Hoomans, not only in the UK but now in the US too! 

Designed from scratch by our sister brandCoconut Lane's co-owner, Jess, the Dog Walking Bag is a must have accessory for every Cocopup dog mum and dad. Let us take you through our favourite features!

Cocopup Black Dog Walking Bag with Black Interchangeable Strap and Black Treat Pouch

The Bag

Our nifty Dog Walking Bag is the perfect solution to your dog walking needs. Made from water-resistant wipe proof material and wipeable lining, it’s super easy to clean and has 3 zippable compartments! The mesh compartment inside the bag helps to hold your poop bags in place and our favourite bit, the poop bag dispenser on the SIDE of the bag is a discrete and convenient addition for every dog walker's needs.

The Dog Walking Bag itself comes in 4 different colours, Black, Mocha, Tan and Chocolate Brown meaning there is something for every season and style preference! 

Cocopup Dog Walking Bag in 4 Colours, Black, Brown, Beige, Mocha


Bag Straps

Our interchangeable straps are available in matching designs to our Dog Harnesses so you can accessorise your Bags to match your pup. 

Cocopup Bag Straps in 4 Designs

Treat Pouches 

The Cocopup Treat Pouches are available in all the same colours as our Dog Walking Bags and are made from the same material too for super easy cleaning. They attach to your strap to complete the ultimate dog walking solution. No need to rummage around for the treats at the bottom of your bags/in your pockets/down your sleeves (we’ve all been there), our convenient zippable Treat Pouch means you can keep your doggos in check with one hand, and reward them with the other! 

Cocopup Treat Pouches in Beige, Black, Brown and Mocha

Dog Walking Bag Accessories

Now that we have our essentials, why not add a few extras? Yes, you can attach them to the Dog Walking Bag too. Talk about hands free!

How about aCocoPOOP Pocket to hold your poop bags for you? Or perhaps a detachablePoop Bag Holder in one of our cute designs? Keep you and your pup hydrated on your walkies with theWater Bottle Holder Clip.

Cocopup Dog Walking Bag Accessories including CocoPOOP Pocket, Poop Bag Holder, Water Bottle Holder Clip.


You can get your paws on our Dog Walking Bag as part of aBundle orBuild Your Own Bag in whichever style you prefer. Shop the Cocopup Dog Walking Baghere and don’t forget to tag us in your pics on Instagram.