Make Training Fun with our Stylish Dog Treat Pouches

Want to give your dog an Easter treat?

Now it’s March, it won’t be long before we’re taking those balmy dog walks through parks festooned with flowers.

Dogs love spring as much as we do. From bouncing through the park when the sun is out, to chasing butterflies, their enthusiasm is contagious. Cocopup London has everything you need to make the most of your adventures outdoors.

Cocopup London specialises in cute and stylish accessories for dog owners. One of our most popular products is our treat pouches which are ideal for training purposes.

Did you know that reward-based training is most effective?

Studies have found that dominance training is not only ineffective, it can make your dog fearful and low in confidence. Using treats to motivate your pooch is kinder, more engaging and enjoyable.

In comparison, dominance training is an approach based on the idea that dogs are hierarchical animals and that owners must assert dominance over them to maintain control. In recent years, this approach has been widely criticised by modern dog trainers and behaviourists for several reasons:

Firstly, the concept of dominance in dogs has been largely misunderstood. Research has shown that dogs don't form strict dominance hierarchies like wolves do in the wild. Actually, they form cooperative relationships based on social bonding.

Dominance-based training methods also rely on punishment and coercion, which can lead to fear, anxiety and stress in dogs. This can result in behavioural issues such as aggression, fearfulness, or learned helplessness.

Using dominance-based techniques can erode the bond of trust between the dog and the owner. Dogs may become fearful or resentful of their owners, leading to a breakdown in communication and cooperation.

With our stylish dog treat pouches, training will be fun and convenient.

It also helps to use treats which your dog finds particularly delicious. Some dog owners like to use small pieces of cooked chicken, cheese, or commercial dog treats specifically designed for training.

However, it also helps to keep them small: treats should make them feel full. During training, you don’t want them to eat the equivalent of a complete meal. With our stylish pouches, you can’t easily keep them away from your dog when not in use.

Along with treats, it’s important to lavish your dog with praise during training. Be sure to praise them enthusiastically when they perform the tasks you’re after. As with human beings, this reinforces the positive association with the action.

After time, it’s best to stop using treats every single time. However, you can easily keep them for special occasions and store them in our pouches when out walking. Once your dog has learned a command reliably, start phasing out treats by giving them intermittently rather than every time. This helps prevent your dog from becoming solely reliant on treats for obedience.

There are also other forms of positive reinforcement. You can also reward your dog with toys, verbal praise, or even access to something they enjoy, like going for a walk or getting to play with another dog.

Remember, training takes time and consistency! You should always be patient with your dog, and use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage good behaviour.

Our fashionable pouches come in an assortment of colours.

That includes this Mocha Treat Pouch which is less than £10 and can be conveniently clipped to one of our dog walking bags or your clothing. Made from nylon, it has a zipped compartment to stop your dog snuffling any treats while you’re not looking!

Prevent unwanted spills, and attention from other dogs.

Keeping treats in a designated pouch prevents them from spilling out of your pockets or bags. It also contains any odour from the treats, reducing the likelihood of attracting unwanted attention from other dogs. We all know how much enthusiasm dogs show when someone has food! You might have experienced a dog lolloping towards you when eating outdoors.

Dogs also have incredibly keen noses, so having treats in an unzipped bag can be highly inconvenient. Our canine friends have up to 300 million scent receptors in their noses, compared to about only 5-6 million in humans. This staggering number allows them to detect and differentiate between a wide range of odours.

Since our treat pouches have more than one compartment, you can easily organise different types of treats or even store other small items such as poop bags, clickers, or keys. However, they work particularly well with our dog walking bags.

We also have drawstring treat pouches.

Perfect for those who want a mess-free bag for treats, these drawstring designs are completely waterproof. Let’s face it, spring in the UK is often extremely wet. Although we can’t stop your dog splashing through puddles, we can help you keep their treats dry.

Explore our latest collection of stylish dog treat pouches. Or don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.