The weather is getting chillier and that calls for one thing… long wintery walks with your furry friend. Working from home can be a challenging time for all of us but when you’re a dog mum, your lil’ pooch can take the edge off a bit. Having your doggo by your feet as you reply to emails and sip on your 6th cup of tea that day, makes it a little bit more bearable! Thankfully, long crisp dog walks really help to break up the office day at home and of course, entertain any of our restless pups out there.

Going through a rough pooch lately? We have selected some of our favourite pawsomely snowy pups on their winter walks this week and they are bound to cheer you up…


Dachshund through the snow…twinning alert! What’s better than one sausage dog? Two in Cocopup gear, that’s fur sure! @thesausageadventures are a whole load’a double trouble cuteness in our Khaki Leopard Reversible Harnesses.

two sausage dogs in cocopup harnesses


“Can we play fetch now, Mum?” @misty.thefrenchie’spuppy dog eyes are adorable, how could you resist that lil’ face! Her gorgeous pale grey fur really makes the Mint Dalmatian Harness stand out doesn’t it? We are in love.

 frenchie dog in cocopup harness


Oh paw-lease… just when we thought our day couldn’t get any better! Everything about this pic is furfect. @_theleoshow looks like he’s a good boy who’s enjoying the view and then bam! *crazy-moment-time!*. Is this the pup version of Insta V Reality? 


dog in cocopup harness


There’s a snow paw-ty outside and @rhubardsausageis serving all the wintery looks pawsible with his Cow best buddy. We can’t get over how cute doggo’s look in animal print and our Cow Print Harness is the ulti-mutt look.

sausage dog in cocopup harness


“Do I have anything on my face?” Yes, @mr_otis_squidge…just a smidge of snow! Someone looks like they’ve been having way too much fun on their chilly walk and we don’t blame him! Who would miss such a perfect play time op-paw-tunity?

dog in cocopup harness


Last but most certainly not leash’d, @tobyandreggie_sporting the ‘good boy’ pose so he can get his favourite treats. Such a cutie in the snow right? Khaki Leopard is one of our most loved prints this season and we aren’t sorry about it! 

dog in cocopup harness