The cat is out of the bag! Cocopup has just launched our first range of Cococat products–Cat Collars!  

Since Cocopup first started we’ve had lots of cat owners contact us wanting to know if our products would be suitable for their cats. After some research, we discovered that Cat Collars have certain design features that ourDog Collars couldn’t offer meaning we had to get developing.

Now that they are here we wanted to go through a couple of our favourite features of our Cococat Collars! 


6 New Designs 

If you know us at Cocopup then you know we are all about instagrammable designs. Our first 6 Cat Collars are no different. Available in our most popular designs, our Cat Collars offer something different to what is currently available on the market, and at a much lower price point! 

We are firm believers in adorable luxury, which is why our Vegan PU Leather Cat Collars have a luxe finish offering high quality fashion for your feline whilst keeping it affordable for you cat pawrents. 



Cats are first and foremost predators. Outdoor cats especially love to bring back not so cute gifts for their owners and so bells on collars help to alert prey of their presence. Bells on collars tend to reduce the amount of ‘gifts’ brought in by about half!


Breakaway Buckles

Outdoor cats often love to explore, which mostly leads them to climb and adventure into high up or small places which brings us to the key difference between our Dog Collars and our new Cat Collars–the breakaway buckle. A breakaway buckle is an incredibly important safety feature for a cat collar, it is designed to snap open if tugged with sufficient force and won’t click into a permanently locked position. So your furry adventurers can keep on adventuring, safely!



Another key difference between our Cocopup Collars and our Cococat Collars is the lightweight PU leather that has been used. Cats are both smaller and more delicate in stature and therefore have totally different requirements when it comes to collars, which is why our new Cat Collars are perfectly designed for your kitty, to ensure safety and comfort for your beloved pet. 

Shop our 6 new Cococat Collars here.