How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Heat

Hello summer! If you’re in the UK right now then prepare for a week of glorious hot weather. Lucky enough to be taking a staycation with your pup? Or maybe you’ve taken your furry friend abroad with you this year? Even if you’re just making the most of the weather in the comfort of your own home, we’ve got the tips to keep your pup cool! 

We asked our followers onInstagram for their tips and tricks to keep their pups cool and this is what they said.

Wet Cocopup Bandana 

So many of you love our Bandana’s all year round but we’ve been hearing more and more of you using our Cocopup Bandana’s to help to keep your doggies cool in summer! Simply wet the bandana and tie it around your pups neck. The breathable fabric is ideal for this! Get your paws on theCocopup Bandana’s range in all of your favourite designs! 

Cocopup Summer Bandana's


Strawberries, apple slices, watermelon, cucumber and even frozen peanut butter. You name it, they’ll love it! Stick a couple of treats in an airtight container in your freezer overnight and give it to your pups throughout the day to help to keep them cool.

bull dog licking ice lolly

Create a Cold Room

Although they may want to stay outside and play the whole day with you, you must make sure to keep your dogs inside during the hottest times in the day. When they are inside, try to create a cold room in your house. The best rooms are those with cool tiles or those that don’t tend to get a lot of sun during the day. Keeping the windows shut, and curtains closed will help to subside the heat. If you add a fan into the mix it can help to circulate the cool air. 

Plenty of Water

Make sure you have plenty of water bowls available for your pup all around the house and garden. Dog’s need to stay hydrated in the heat just as much as hoomans. Keeping them hydrated throughout the day will help to prevent heat stroke so encourage your dog to drink too if you notice they are forgetting. 

Labrador drinking water

Doggy Pool

Invest in a paddling pool for your pup, after all they are our babies aren’t they? Keep the water shallow and make sure they are always supervised whilst in it. Simply encouraging them to dip their paws in the pool by floating a few frozen treats in it will make it fun and rewarding for them too! If you can’t get your hands on a paddling pool, just a washing up bowl of cool water for them to dip their paws into will do the trick or even get the old hose out and let them run amongst it! 

Cool Mats 

A cool mat was some of our followers' favourite recommendations and a great accessory for your cool room especially if you don’t have tiles in your home! 

Walk Times

Try to go on walkies early in the morning or later at night when the temperatures and pavements are not as hot. Pavements can get much hotter than you would think and your dog’s paws are just as sensitive as our feet. A good tip is to test the pavement with your own feet and if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. Get kitted out for your dog walk in Cocopup with our range of CocopupDog Walking Bags for hoomans, as well as CocopupHarnesses, Collars andLeads so you can match your dog! Make sure to add aWater Bottle Holder Clip to your Dog Walking Bag to keep you and your pup hydrated throughout the walk.

Dog Mum in Coconut Lane Pink Spotted Leggings with Dog in matching Cocopup  Pink Spotted Harness and Cocopup Dog Walking Bag

What are you and your pup up to this week? If you haven’t already make sure you check out oursummer designs here at Cocopup and be sure to share your pics with us on ourInstagram!