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BorrowMyDoggy In the UK we are a nation of dog lovers, there are 8.5 million dogs in the UK! BorrowMyDoggy helps to connect dog owners and trusted dog borrowers who would love nothing more than to look after your dog. BorrowMyDoggy is used to arrange walks, playtimes, overnight stays and even holidays! BorrowMyDoggy is just as mutually beneficial for dog owners as when they need someone to care for their dog they can rest easy knowing they are being looked after by a trusted borrower.

What is BorrowMyDoggy?

We know that in an ideal world, you’d be able to spend all day every day with your pawsome pooch, but sometimes we have to leave them at home and need some extra help to ensure they’re left happy. 

BorrowMyDoggy connects dog owners with trusted local people who would love to look after their dog. We make it easy to arrange walks, playtime, overnight stays and holidays. 

Our aim is:

  • to help dog owners when they need it
  • give dogs more exercise and playtime
  • to allow people without a dog to spend quality time with one

 We call it a win-win (or a woof-­woof) situation for everyone involved.

BorrowMyDoggy is a unique, alternative solution to traditional dog care services like dog walking or kennels. We have an annual fee which is just £44.99 for an owner Premium membership, this covers our safety checks and provides access to our safety features, there are no further costs involved. Our borrowers simply want to enjoy spending time with a dog and do not charge for their time.

So whether you need a helping paw walking your pooch from time to time, regular dog sits or occasional overnight care, we’d love to help you find a trusted borrower near you who’d love nothing more than to spend time with your pup.

Join BorrowMyDoggy

BorrowMyDoggy x Cocopup

How it works

Step 1. Create a free profile by filling out your information, uploading a photo and becoming a basic member.

Step 2. Based on your profile you'll be shown some members from surrounding areas.

Step 3. Because yours and your pup's safety is so important, you can arrange “welcome woofs” after becoming a premium member and go through safety checks in order to keep the community safe.

Step 4. Members are then encouraged to meet up before handing over their dog to another dog lover!

BorrowMyDoggy x Cocopup

Overall the BorrowMyDoggy scheme helps dog owners when they may need an extra hand with their dog if day-to-day life gets in the way and it helps connect them to dog lovers who would love to show a dog some extra love and attention! It’s a win-win, so join a community of dog lovers today!

If you're looking for cute new dog accessories either if you're a dog owner or a treat for a dog you’re borrowing. Head over to to find a huge range of Harnesses, Leads, Collars, Dog Walking Bags and so much more!

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"When we first got Roxy we used a dog sitter, but something was missing and it was expensive. Then I heard of BorrowMyDoggy and we tried it out - it’s incredible."- Roxy the cockapoo

"You pay your subscription to BorrowMyDoggy, but the money that you’d actually spend, you would save if you had to pay for a dog walker. " Charlie the Cavapoo 

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