Action for Ukraine - 100% of profits to Network for Animals

Watching what has been happening in Ukraine has been beyond terrifying and beyond our imagination; the situation in Ukraine is one which no human or animal should ever have to experience.

From speaking to friends and family, I know there has been a deep desperation to help from the moment the war started - a need to be able to do something, anything, which might help fix this nightmare. People feel completely powerless and guilty for continuing with "normal" life. I've laid awake countless times feeling guilty for being safe and warm, guilty for taking food or my family for granted. I've looked at my dog curled up peacefully on my bed, wishing I could take in all the abandoned strays in Ukraine and give them somewhere warm and safe to rest. 

As time goes on, "normal" life has had to continue. We go to work, we have fun with friends, we have dinner and laugh with our families - but we're all unified with an underlying sense of sadness and a heaviness in our hearts. We are not political experts, but we are human beings with compassion and a will to help. As each day goes by, Ukraine is not forgotten and we wanted to use our brand and platform to help make a difference. 

As a dog brand, it felt right that Cocopup should do something to support the animals in Ukraine. There is something so vulnerable about animals in a war; they have no idea what is going on or why, but they feel fear, sadness and anxiety just like humans do. I believe we are their only protectors and we have a duty to help them.

After recently launching our Sunflower Collection, we realised that the Sunflower was Ukraine's national flower. Therefore, Cocopup will now be donating 100% of the profits from any products in our Sunflower Collection to the amazing charity, Network for Animals.  The sunflower has become a symbol of resistance during the war and we want to become part of the resistance against suffering caused to the animals in Ukraine. 

Who are Network for Animals?

Network for Animals is a non-governmental, international animal welfare organization crusading for animals around the world. They work in difficult situations where animals need most help. They are a voice for all animals that share our world and receive no government grants, so rely on the generosity of their supporters to continue their vital work for animals.
This amazing Charity is currently working round the clock to rescue, feed and evacuate animals from the Ukraine war. So many animals have been abandoned as people have fled the country. Others are street animals in urgent need of help as bombs tear up the cities and towns of Ukraine. Network for Animals are working with several partners on the ground in Ukraine as well as partners on the borders to provide maximum aid to the animals in crisis.

Our donation will be used to provide desperately needed food and supplies to the dogs and cats of Ukraine, and help bring as many animals as possible to safety.

To learn more about what Network for Animals are doing to help animals in Ukraine, click here.
If you'd like to help us on our mission to support animals in Ukraine, then purchasing a product from our Sunflower Collectiontoday (23/03) will see all the profits donated to animals in need. For more information on the donation, please email
Image 1& 2 credits above - RFERL